Here’s a tip for finishing a flat peyote weave design. This works great when you are using size 11 Delicas or size 15 seed beads on the ends you are finishing. I’m directing this post in particular to my old college buddy Gigi who recently posted to Facebook that she dreads putting the clasps on her beadwork! I know a lot of folks share this dread – how to finish a piece of beadwork is one of the more frequent questions we get in the shop.

Gather: Chain nose pliers, E6000 glue, a paper plate, a coffee stirrer or toothpick, your finished beadwork, two crimp ends that match the width of your finished beadwork, a clasp of your choosing (we love the ball-and-socket clasp shown!) and two sturdy jump rings. By sturdy, I mean jump rings made from 20 gauge wire or thicker – these will hold their shape and won’t pull off easily.

Adjust the crimp end: Use the pliers to gently close each crimp end just a little until you can slide the beadwork in from the edge. DO NOT do this with your beadwork inside the crimp end because you WILL break beads. (Trust me on this.) Take the beadwork out of the crimp ends.
Attach: Use the jump rings to attach each side of the clasp to one of the crimp ends.

Glue: Place a dab of glue onto the paper plate. Use the stirrer or toothpick to apply the glue to the end of the beadwork. Slide the beadwork back into the crimp ends and let the glue cure completely.

I love these crimp ends – so easy!