aromatherapy pendants

Essential oils have gotten incredibly popular over the last few years. People have taken to carrying certain mixtures with them; some even wearing particular scents on their person throughout the day. Oils can be used to help soothe headaches, to ease anxiety, or just to make your day smell a little better. There are many ways to wear essential oils, and several of them involve jewelry (our favorite)!

Try a bottle. Raku ceramic bottle pendants have porous & non-porous finishes. One side can absorb a drop or two of the oil, allowing you to have the scent you want most handy whenever you need it!

Filigree lockets. Slip a small piece of oil-saturated fiber into the locket, and close it up! The lacy metal filigree will let the scent out all day, keeping you in a personal bubble of good smells!

Lava beads. Porous beads like lava beads are ideal for essential oil users or even perfume oils. A few drops on a bracelet or necklace made with lava beads will give you the perfect amount of scent, as well as a piece of jewelry that looks really gorgeous!

— Michelle