The history of Valentine’s Day is a bit mysterious, but what has come out of it in this day and age is showing people that they mean something to you in one way or another. If you, like me, dislike commercialism and generic cards and candies and teddy bears, why not try to make something handmade for the people you care about? Valentines started as hand-written notes, adorned with lovely lace and original poems and words from the sender. Or, if you’re a beader (which you surely are, being here on this blog!), another way to give a Valentine would be to make them a piece of jewelry!


I’ve come up with this easy as pie pattern to do out of peyote stitch using either Delicas or size 11 round seed beads. The attached PDF file of the Sweetheart Ring has the simple heart pattern on a six row peyote ring band along with the lengths for finger sizes five through ten (5-10). Just start a six-bead peyote strip, insert the heart pattern at any given point, and end on the opposite kind of row as the one you started with so that when you bring the ends together, the beads “lock” together. Just zip up the band through the “out” beads and bada bing! You’ve got a ring. (Totally didn’t mean for that to rhyme.)

They’re super fast to whip up, so imagine giving one to every girl and woman in your life who has made you smile, has been there for you, beaded with you, et cetera. Play with different colors! I’ve done some with: pink and chocolate brown, mint green and pink, red and white, pink and white, and mint green and chocolate brown. Just pick two of your giftee’s favorite colors and go to town!

A wearable, beaded Valentine? You’ll be a favorite for awhile!


Sweetheart Ring Instructions

(either click on the link above to view the PDF or right-click it to download)