I designed these earrings for our occasional Girls’ Night Out event we hold at the shop along with our neighbor businesses Therapeutic Balance Body Work and Designer’s Touch Hair and Skin. There are some pretty tough criteria for coming up with a project for these events: #1) it can’t cost to much because we’re giving it away. #2) it has to be easy so we can teach women who have never done any beading before. #3) it has to be quick so we can teach it to up to 60 people a night. #4)it has to use top quality materials that we are proud to sell.

AND – #5) it has to look good enough so everyone likes it! If any of you reading this make jewelry to sell, you definitely have at least some of these same criteria to meet!

These earrings were a hit last night, so we decided to record a quick video for you to be able to make up a pair yourself tonight to wear for the July 4th holiday tomorrow. Of course, you can vary the wire colors and the bead colors to fit any occasion or outfit you want!

The supplies come to about $3 per pair, which left us plenty of money in the event budget to spend on snacks and wine! Here’s what we used:

6″ each of three colors of flexible beading wire, either 19 or 49 strand. The video uses navy blue (about 6″) and silver (about 12″)
2 clamshell bead tips
2 ear wires
2 crimp beads (2mm sterling)
6 micro crimp beads (1mm sterling)
2 Swarovski 4mm bicones in dark red coral
2 Swarovski 4mm bicones in crystal AB
2 Swarovski 4mm bicones in dark indigo

Tool you’ll need are:
chain nose pliers

Now, take a look at the video for a how-to and go bead something!
Watch how on our YouTube channel