01/04/2017 – 01/04/2017

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Rocaille Refinement Necklace – Calling all Lily-Gilders, Tassel-Hangers and Glitter- Sprinklers… this is SO your kind of jewelry!

Achieve elegant results in Soutache & Bead Embroidery. Adventurous Beginners will learn all the Basics including Aligning & Stacking, Shaping Stitches, Ending Stacks, Backing & Edge-Beading and creating Peyote Stitch Bezel. Those with more experience will be fascinated by new techniques including sculpting with Shibori ribbon, connecting components and creating a sturdy-but-delicate-looking captured-bead chain – a technique that can be used again and again in future soutache projects.

Students should come to class with a surface to bead on (bead board or bead blanket), good, sharp scissors and any magnifiers or extra task lighting desired. To complete the work, students will also need pliers, flush-cutters and looping or rosary pliers (provided for use in classroom). Projects will not be finished in class but every kit comes with Amee Runs with Scissors’ full-color, “Whole Story” step-by-step instructions making it easy to finish the project at home.

Kits from Amee are required for this class, and will be available on the day of your class in five different color-ways.  Kit price is $80 and is NOT included in the cost of your class.  Kit price will be payable on the day of the class.