I just ran across this blog post from a few years ago (Dec, 2010) and realized that I need to read it and DO it myself.  I am getting my things ready to set up for a craft show today, and that runs through Saturday, and realized that I was looking forward to my days off on Sunday and Monday when I can work on projects Just for ME!  (Epilogue – I finished this little project as a bracelet, it was gorgeous when finished, and it did sell!)

Read on, and relax…..

“I first started beading as a way to relax. Sometimes that is hard to do when I am trying to come up with new class ideas, write instructions, test designs, and generally work at beading. All that stuff is still fun, but when I need a break I look for a stitching project that I can just do, and do, and do. This week I need something I can just stitch and let my thoughts wander, or something I can do while hanging out with family watching our favorite old Christmas movies. Here are my criteria for stress free stitching.

  1. Use beads you already have in your stash so you won’t have to leave your comfy chair.
  2. Do a project, pattern or stitch that you have already done before. It will be familiar and that’s comfortable.
  3. Just bead. Don’t worry about it matching an outfit, or being good enough to sell or give away. Remember, you’re beading for the joy of doing it. Don’t even worry about finishing it. Just bead.
  4. Now, when you’re nice and relaxed, and if you’re in the mood, do something a little different. You might just try doing your project in unexpected colors or bead sizes.
  5. If Step 4 just made things too stressful, forget about it and go back to step 1.

My no-stress project for this week will be this simple spiral using size 11 seed beads in a light opaque cappuccino color, size 15 seed beads in Matte Transparent Topaz AB and 3mm Swarovski article 5238 bicone crystals in Light Colorado Topaz and Amethyst. I don’t know yet if it will end up as a bracelet, necklace or maybe even little earrings.

Now, go bead something!”

Cheers, Gail