Holidays can be stressful. Okay, who are we kidding: holidays are stressful. We all know they should be fun, but more often than not, anxiety is one of the prevailing emotions to the weeks leading up to what is supposed to be a time of celebration.


If one of your big stress factors is gifts, jewelry can be a really great option, especially jewelry you make yourself. The list for gift recipients gets longer each year: every time someone has a baby, gets a new girlfriend, or gets married. Each time you make a friend or get involved with a new group. You don’t want to break the bank by buying gifts for each and every one of these people, but you don’t want them to feel left out when it comes time to open gifts. And you want them to know that you thought about them and consider them someone of importance in your life or family circle.


Learning a few simple techniques to create a pair of earrings or even a simple necklace will save you an amazing amount of time and stress. A pair of earrings only has to cost you a couple of dollars and about five minutes of your time. Then, you have a personalized gift to give someone that is a new acquaintance in your life, or someone that you don’t see very often. The added bonus? You have a reason to take a few minutes of time for yourself during an otherwise hectic holiday season and let yourself zone out and be creative. And it’s guilt-free because you’re making gifts! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. 🙂