Standing Out

Maybe you have an unusual but gorgeous sense of color. Or maybe you have the courage to always make bold, striking pieces. Or maybe you just have a personal mission statement to always create unique and beautiful things.

If any or all of those things are true, you are doing something amazing when someone wears one of your pieces. They are allowing themselves to stand out from the crowd. To draw attention to themselves. And this may be an everyday occurrence for some people, but for others, it could be something new and maybe a little scary.

Maybe your 12-color freeform necklace was snapped up as an impulse buy by someone who just simply fell in love with the piece. And maybe they don’t really dress up in their day-to-day life. Maybe simple jewelry is about as wild as it gets. But then they saw your necklace and decided to go out on a limb.

It’s hard to be shy with an adventurous heart! Wearing something that is going to inevitably draw attention, going to earn them looks and maybe instigate conversations with people interested in their jewelry might be a big deal. It may very well be a catalyst for them. Maybe they gain a bit of confidence from the positive attention and they try something else that feels daring that they’ve wanted to do for awhile.

Jewelry might seem like something small in the great scheme of things, but you never know what is going to inspire someone or provide a turning point in their view of themselves.


Refining a Look

Or perhaps something you’ve made is exactly what someone is looking for. The missing piece of the puzzle.

The first time I went to Spain a few years back, I was sitting on the Metro, heading to class, and discreetly people watching. A woman came in and sat down across from me, and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was wearing different articles of clothing and accessories that were the exact same shade of purple. And the weird thing was, it wasn’t tacky!

She had on purple high heels, a purple peacoat, a purple barrette in her hair, and a purple necklace, carrying a purple umbrella and a purple purse. And, of course, had purple fingernails with a purple ring.

That’s a lot of purple! But she pulled it off and it looked amazing. And I remember thinking at the time that it must be insanely hard to shop when you have such a specific color you’re looking for.

The person who buys your earrings or bracelet might be incredibly excited because maybe it’s a shade of green they’ve been looking everywhere for to go with a certain sweater. Or maybe it’s a perfect mix of artsy and professional to complete the suit they have to wear for work. Or maybe it’s a necklace regal enough to go with their outfit they’re wearing to a Renaissance Faire.

Or maybe Miss Purple might spot your necklace for sale and realize that it’s just the right piece to add to her collection.

by Michelle