We do a lot of repairs around the shop.  A LOT.  Sometimes a repair will involve fixing an old and sentimental piece of jewelry, like these vintage earrings.  The owner wanted to be able to wear and enjoy them, but those clips and screw-backs are just so uncomfortable!

For the first pair, Kathy just popped out the cool lucite part out of its original backing.  That was easy since they were so old and the glue was ready to give out anyway.  Next, she glued them into one of our Nunn Designs pendant blanks, added some glitter around the edges, and filled in the gaps with Diamond Glaze.  Voila!  New life for these cool old earrings.

The second pair was a very dainty pair of earrings, with screw-backs.  Kathy just clipped off the screws, leaving a small piece of metal she could bend into a loop.  She added a few more beads for extra swing and dangle, pulling in the colors of the little floral centers.  What a cool way to be able to wear these special earrings, with a little modern style added!

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