So, you see a class with a pretty picture – how do you know if you’ve got the skills needed to have fun with it?

Use this Easy Guide to help you choose classes for your skill level:

  • Great for beginner – an excellent choice for beginners to bead weaving, fun for any level.
  • Beginner OK – beginners may need some extra help, but our patient teachers will guide you.
  • Some bead weaving experience helpful – you’ll have a much easier time if you have some Beadweaving experience under your belt before you take this class. Knowing basic skills such as threading a needle, adding new thread, and attaching a clasp will help you be able to focus on the intermediate technique taught in the class.
  • Specific experience helpful – We highly recommend experience in the specific stitch or skill which is the basis for the intermediate technique taught in the class. If you are an experienced bead weaver but lack the specific experience, you will probably do just fine.
  • Specific experience needed – We require you to have the specific experience listed. These classes are faster paced, and the instructor will focus on teaching the advanced technique. If you don’t have the specific experience asked for, we may be able to work with you to get you up to speed before the class date.

Class registration is easy – just go to the class list/registration page.

Want to see a sample of the project in person?  Drop by the shop and you can take a close up look and select your beads!