Make this easy bail, perfect for big pendants, and hanging on multiple strands of leather or fiber. The multiple wraps of wire add interest and give it that hand-crafted, artisan look, and it’s easy to add additional dangles, or string it over a chain you already have.

Gather: 18″ of 26 gauge wire (we used bronze colored copper), one large ceramic pendant, a Sharpie marking pen, chain nose pliers, and nippers. The pendant in the illustration is by Joby Jo Cotter, and we have a large selection at the great price of $8!

Bead: Leaving about two inches of tail to start, hold the sharpie next to the top of the pendant and wrap the wire through the hole in the pendant, around the sharpie, and through the hole again, repeating about seven times, leaving at least another two inches of tail. Neatly wrap each tail around the multiple strands of wire as you would the wraps in a wrapped loop, wrapping three to four times close to the pendant hole. Trim off the excess wire.

This is a super simple, and super easy project! If you would like help, drop by the shop and we’ll show you how it’s done!